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About Our Foundation

We Are In A Mission To Help Helpless

SANRACHNA is a Non-Government Organisation registered under Society Act registration no. UK06008122019002791 dated 9-12-2019 and having its registered office at Shop No-103, First Floor, Municipal No 72, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Sanrachna’s key focus is to establish HARMONY, CARE, RESPECT, MUTUAL BONDING, PEACE, EDUCATION & HUMANITY which are the only tools to save, protect & grow living beings of this Beautiful Planet.

About Us
What we are doing

Help The Children When They Need

Helping Hand

We believe that we all need to come together to control & stop violence against Women and Children in India that will be most important step. As we know if women equipped with the proper resources, they can help their whole families and entire communities to overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice.

Healthy Food For Poor Family

We also regularly distribute rice, milk and other uncooked staple foods to remote tribal communities who do not receive aid from any other organization. Along with food distribution, our centers often provide free, specialized medical services. All treatment and medicines are provided free of charge.

Clean Water For All Children

We believe every child deserves - and has the right - to use safe water and live in a clean environment. We also focus on water, sanitation and hygiene in households, encouraging behaviours that keep water clean and ensure all family members wash their hands with soap

Lets Change The World With Humanity


Member of Sanrachna

“In the journey with Sanrachna. I have actually seen desires been converted in to reality. It’s a great Privileged to be a Part of Sanrachna”


Creative Director

“We thank Sanrachna Foundation for creating this wonderful platform that we could trust, to provide healthy food for the needy children's. We are very impressed with the process, transparency and clarity the Foundation has exhibited.”

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