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Brief : Project ANNPURNA, (PHASE -I) deals with pandemic COVID-19 situation. Due to this pandemic, there is complete lock down in all over the India. In all states / cities. Citizens were facing a serious fooding / livelihood related crisis. Suddenly society is divided into 3 parts:

  • 1. INFECTED CITIZENS : Non-Survivors
  • 2. NON-INFECTED CITIZENS : Corona warriors / non-working citizens / Corona Survivors
  • 3. TRANSMITTERS : Corona Infection Carriers

Hence, as part of our social commitment & responsibility, SANRACHNA has immediately picked up the initiative to provide ration related issues support to the affected families. All members join hands together &contributed their level best to procure the Ration Kits & on guidance & direction of Uttarakhand Government, District Magistrate office, SANRACHNA has distributed 25 kits).

Date of Activity:28thAPRIL 2020
Total Members Participated:16 Members
Project – Leader:Ranjana Dhaundiyal
Total Ration Kits Distributed:50 kits, 50 Families
Total Beneficiaries (Through DM office):25 Families
Total Beneficiaries (By Direct supply):25 Families
Location Of Activity:Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Brief : Globally, forest cover is one-third less than what it once was. This indiscriminate felling of trees, needs to be undertaken on a large scale to reverse the ill effects of deforestation and restore the ecological balance.

SANRACHNA, as part of its Environmental responsibility, initiates tree plantation campaigns across its projects on a annual basis. The campaigns are community-owned and managed and always implemented alongside environmental education and awareness, to promote environmental stewardship, encouraging a sense of responsibility of the planted trees. Hence, Sanrachna has planted Trees Saplings at Dehradun, Delhi, Lucknow, Pantnagar, Orissa, Patna & Tamilnadu on occasion of Independence Day 15th August 2020.
Sanrachna always strongly believes, without oxygen no-living beings survive for a moment even.Trees make the oxygen and spread it in the air. While inhaling air we take the oxygen with it into our bodies and live in life. Carbon dioxide makes our atmosphere or rather our environment poisonous for us. Trees consume this carbon dioxide and thereby make our environment safe& healthy for us.

Date Of Activity:15th AUGUST 2020
Total Members Participated:20 MEMBERS
Project – Leader:Deepak Kumar
Total Trees Saplings Planted:200 Saplings
Location Of Activity:6 States Of India

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